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0141 952 1692

Cheap carisoprodol online, Soma 350 mg recreational use

13th September 2017

Are you unhappy with your smile? Do you feel embarrassed by crooked teeth, but don’t want to go through the traumatic process of attaching ‘train tracks’ to your mouth? Many adults refuse orthodontic treatment due to not only this fear but also the potential of being forced to endure it for years.

At Diamond Dental Care, we offer some solutions for those who desire a straight smile not only in a short space of time but also discreetly. Six Month Smiles and Quick Straight Teeth systems both align your front teeth in a much quicker time frame than traditional orthodontic methods and offer clear brackets that blend in with your natural teeth.

Smile Tru is another system in use at Diamond Dental Care, offering an option for our patients who are not keen on wearing metal braces as they use nearly invisible aligners.

However, for ultimate discretion, our practitioners proudly fit Cfast lingual braces, the ultimate aesthetic brace.

What is Cfast Lingual?

Cfast Lingual is a revolutionary tooth straightening system that focuses only on the ‘social six’, your six visible front teeth, allowing it to deliver results in 4-24 weeks. However, this straightening speed is not what makes the Cfast Lingual brace so revolutionary…

The term lingual refers to the attachment of the entire brace on the inner surface of your tooth, inside your mouth! By fitting STb brackets behind your teeth, light forces are applied by the high-quality material meaning the optimum fit and comfort is ensured by the system, while remaining completely inconspicuous.

Benefits of Cfast Lingual

  • Virtually invisible treatment with brackets that fit inside your smile
  • Affordable option due to the short treatment time
  • Rapid results in 4-24 weeks

By offering Cfast Lingual, our Diamond Dental Care practitioners can overcome many of the reasons that adults avoid orthodontic care, while still delivering stunning results. Although this treatment is a low-cost option, we still offer 0% finance for up to 12 months, provided the treatment cost is over £400!

For more information on cosmetic tooth alignment at Diamond Dental Care, visit, or call our practice on 0141 952 1692

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Cheap carisoprodol online, Soma 350 mg recreational use

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