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Partial Dentures – Solvay Dentures

27 November 2020

Partial denture - Solvay

Partial dentures – are they really for me?

Well the simple answer is, as with all treatments, it will depend upon your individual circumstances. Let us kick off with some interesting statistics about teeth and dentures:

  • 6% of adults in the UK have no natural teeth; most of them wear dentures
  • A further 13% of adults wear partial dentures
  • The number of people with no natural teeth increases to 15% for 65-74-year-olds
  • It rises to 23% for people aged 75 and above

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Why would I need a partial denture?

It may be that you have recently lost a tooth and now have a gap in your teeth or an existing partial denture that you find is uncomfortable or no longer fits. Whatever the reason, a partial denture can be an appropriate and cost-effective solution to the problem.

Missing teeth can compromise your overall health and physical appearance and make it difficult to smile, speak and eat the foods you love. Metal partial dentures can be uncomfortable and the metal clasps can be unsightly and have been known to cause damage to remaining teeth.

We offer Solvay partial dentures at Diamond Dental Care for our patients. Some metal-free partial dentures can be flimsy and lack support. However, the Solvay dentures are made from a high-performance polymer that is designed specifically as a metal replacement for partial dentures.

Unlike some metals, they are non-toxic, non-irritating and nickel-free. The material is tooth coloured, so the clasps will blend in with your existing teeth. No more metal clasps ruining your smile! And no more metallic taste in your mouth, affecting the taste of the foods you love to eat.

To find out more about the Solvay partial dentures, please call us on 0141 952 1692 or fill in a contact form HERE and we will be delighted to help you.

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