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What is SmileFast

10 November 2021

SmileFast is the incredible innovation created by Dr. Olumide Ojo and Dr. Thomas Sealy, two practising dentists that had both developed a deep frustration with the Smile Makeover sector and wanted to find a way that would deliver a brilliant smile without the associated high costs and numerous procedures.

They were sure they could develop a Fast and Low-Cost treatment that would deliver fantastic Smiles that were accessible to everyone. Their concept has combined three disciplines of modern dentistry: Orthodontics, Ceramics and Composite Bonding, all in one simple treatment.

The skill, determination, and vision of these innovators, combined with cutting edge technology has made it possible for dentists to provide the smile your dreams at an affordable price.

This simple and quick solution to deliver your perfect smile is now available at Diamond Dental Care. We have undergone the extensive SmileFast training program and justifiably proud to add this incredible service to our extensive list of treatments.

SmileFast allows us to provide an instant smile makeover without the expensive, traditional methods used to straighten teeth and fill gaps.

Start Smiling Again in Just 2-3 Hours

This new development in smile design technology provides a quick and easy solution to establish your new smile in just 2-3 hours. This versatile technique can be implemented to give the finishes touches to your smile and whitening and alignment.

You, may be like many others that would dearly love to improve their smile, whether that straighten teeth or filling a gap, but until know have never been able to find a quick, cost-effective method. Now SmileFast is here, and you probably won’t stop smiling.

Traditional methods such as braces, cosmetic bonding, and Invisalign can be financially restrictive depending on the condition of your teeth and your desired outcome.

SmileFast offers a quick and long-lasting solution to transform your smile in just 2-3 hours. It’s a versatile technique for composite bonding and can be used to provide the finishing touch to your teeth after alignment and tooth whitening.

SmileFast combines three of the essential elements of modern cosmetic dentistry. These include orthodontic braces, ceramics, and composite veneers. Other methods require significant time and money, this puts the perfect smile out of reach for many people.

SmileFast now replaces the time-consuming processes for dentists into one application which simplifies everyone’s life. This means that you can achieve your dream look both quickly and at an affordable cost.

SmileFast is an incredible development and will help huge amounts of people have a brilliant smile and everything that comes with it, improved confidence is just one of the benefits, but when you realise you can begin to laugh again and you don’t have to stifle your smile, you’ll find life can change for the better.

The Process

SmileFast removes the need for time-consuming consultations and uses digital technology to aid the design of your smile, even down to achieving the exact colouring to suite your existing teeth.

All that is initially required is for us to take relevant photographs. We send these to SmileFast and using 3D technology will design your perfect smile. They will also outline any further treatment options. Once you have approved this, everything that is needed for your perfect smile is sent to us and we arrange with you to come in for your fitting.

You’ll even be provided a Trial Smile Preview, allowing for any finer adjustments to be made and for you to approve your Smile!

At the time of fitting your new smile, your dentist will numb the area where they need to etch the teeth that the new composite structure will adhere to. Whilst that is being done, the composite mixture will be warmed up in the mould that has been specifically made for you. This mould is made up of two, gumshield-like parts, the softer inner mould is in contact with your gums and harder section has the composite mix which is then placed over the inner mould. The curing of the mixture is vital but done quickly. When the moulds are removed, there only remains the simple task of removing the fine layer of excess composite and then… you’re all done.

Does SmileFast work for everyone?

Of course, as with every cosmetic dental procedure, it’s important to have an initial consultation with us. We will discuss your needs and be able to tell you if SmileFast is a suitable option for you.

SmileFast can be the perfect solution if you suffer with any of the following:

• Discolouration
• The shape of your front teeth
• Gaps in your smile
• Crowded or overlapping teeth
• Wear and Tear of worn, chipped or damaged front teeth
• Acid Erosion

If you’re curious about SmileFast or if you have been dreaming of the perfect smile but have never been able to invest the time or money in conventional procedures, then SmileFast is the answer to your dreams.

Call us today on 0141 952 1692 of click here to learn more.

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