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Sports Guard Fees

Keep teeth safe with a protective sports guard – the colour’s up to you!

Our Mouth guards are custom made for you. They offer a snug fit, unlike the one size fits nobody guards that you can buy in sports shops. Our guards will protect your teeth and gums and will not impede your breathing, you will be more likely to wear your comfortable mouth guard instead of leaving it in the bottom of your sports bag.

All our custom-made sports guards are suitable for high impact contact sports.

  • Item
  • COST (includes handy storage box)
  • One Colour
  • £149
  • Two Colours
  • £159
  • Three Colours
  • £169
  • 4 Colours or Graphic Design
  • £185
  • Orthodontic Retainer
  • £152
  • Soft Grinding Splint
  • £185
  • Hard Grinding Splint
  • £197

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