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If you have a few missing teeth, a dental bridge can fill in the odd gap with a false tooth securely positioned between two crowns. Usually made from a combination of metal and porcelain, bridges are a longer lasting solution as they are firmly fixed over the natural teeth that lie either side of a gap. We can also provide adhesive bridges which consist of a false tooth attached to a titanium wing that is then glued to a supporting tooth, and all-ceramic bridges which offer strength and a natural-looking appearance.

How we fit a bridge

We remove a layer of the supporting teeth so the crowns will fit comfortably and then take impressions so your bridge can be custom-made. When the specially designed bridge has been produced, we check it fits and then fix it in position with dental cement.

Good to know

It’s vital to maintain excellent oral hygiene to keep your bridge and the surrounding teeth in good condition. This should feature regular brushing and flossing, as well as careful cleaning under the false tooth. You should also attend regular check-ups so we can detect and treat any problems.

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