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Crowns are fixed securely over a damaged or decayed tooth to give complete coverage and protection. Often referred to as ‘caps’, they offer a natural-looking and durable way to strengthen a weakened tooth.

How we fit a crown

To allow a new crown to fit comfortably, we must first remove a layer of the underlying tooth and then take impressions so it can be custom-made. We also record the colour of your teeth so it will be a perfect match.

While you wait for your bespoke crown, we protect the prepared tooth with a temporary restoration. When ready, we remove this and fix the new crown permanently to the tooth.

Good to know

We offer crowns on the NHS, which are made from a variety of materials including alloys, porcelain and gold. Our private crowns can be all-porcelain or ceramic for a more natural look.

Take care of your crown with daily brushing and flossing, and make sure you attend your routine check-ups. Although a crown protects a tooth from decay, problems can still occur where the crown meets the gum, and it will not protect you from developing gum disease, so keep your crown-topped tooth extra clean.

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