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Root Canal Therapy

If the inner part of your tooth (the pulp) has become infected, root canal therapy can help prevent the infection spreading and ultimately save a tooth that may otherwise have to be extracted.

This pulp, which is filled with nerves and blood vessels, may come under attack from bacteria if it is allowed to enter the inner chamber of the tooth. Decay, a deep filling or trauma can cause this to happen.

How we treat a tooth

Treatment involves removing the infected pulp and flushing the root canals with an anti-bacterial solution. The canals are also shaped with very small instruments and filled with a rubber based material to prevent any more bacteria getting in. This filled tooth is topped off with a permanent filling or crown to restore its shape and functionality.

Good to know

Although root canal therapy has a reputation for being rather painful, it is normally no more uncomfortable than having a normal filling. That’s because we make sure we anaesthetise the tooth in question and we also have plenty of experience in carrying out this tooth saving treatment.

You can maintain a root canal treated tooth with an effective oral hygiene routine. If looked after properly the tooth should stay trouble-free and provide a long lasting repair. The living pulp may have been removed but the tooth will stay intact and it will have been sealed against further infection. Regular check-ups are also necessary so any problems can be picked up early.

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