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We understand some patients suffer from dental anxiety or even a phobia, which can lead to complete avoidance of the dentist. However, not seeing a dentist regularly can lead to serious dental problems, which could require more costly and involved treatment.

If your anxiety is stopping you seeing the dentist, we have a qualified team who can deliver sedation and help you feel wonderfully relaxed while undergoing dental procedures.

How we sedate you

The drug is delivered through an ultra-fine needle, usually in the back of your hand. Sedation will make you feel extremely calm, but you will still be conscious and able to talk with the dentist. Rest assured, our team will monitor you closely while you are sedated and we also ask you to bring someone with you so they can transport you safely home.

Good to know

Sedation does not provide pain relief, it simply banishes your worries, but an anaesthetic can be administered when you have been sedated, if required.

The drug will take a while to leave your body, which is why you need a companion to take you home and keep a caring eye on you. You won’t be able to drink alcohol, drive or operate machinery following sedation but we’ll let you know when your body will be completely clear of the drug.

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